Back in the saddle. . .

Well after waiting so long for the results and not being totally satisfied when they did come I lost some of my mental fortitude.  However, I bounced back quickly and Friday Laurie was kind enough to pull the “PEG” feeding tube from my stomach.  I hadn’t used it in more than three weeks and I was just plain tired of it.  Of course the doctors said they would “call the GI and see when it could be removed”, but the internet is a beautiful thing.  After just a few minutes of research by Laurie we came to the conclusion that we could do it ourselves.  First I tried, but with no success.  It’s not surprising really since I was sitting up and looking straight at a tube extending from my body while yanking on it.  We changed our strategy and I laid down to disengage what little stomach muscles I do have.  Then Laurie gave it the old “heave ho” and before I could protest from the pain it was out.  I went part of the weekend with gauze and before you know it I have a new scar that I can make up a dramatic gun fight about.  Sorry about the hairy stomach and pale white skin in the picture, but how else am I supposed to show off my new scar.

The next step is to get the access port removed.  There won’t be any home remedies for this however.  It requires a minor surgical procedure, but shouldn’t take very long.  I’m going to call the doctor’s office and see what the hold up is on getting that scheduled tomorrow.  I get the feeling that it will really feel like the end of this treatment era to me, but we’ll see.

Getting to the topic of the post title I began a new era today by resuming my exercise plan.  I couldn’t hang with the rest of the crew for obvious reasons, but Laurie made me up a special little workout for me to do.  Overall I was pleased with my effort and results.  I managed to eek out 20 pull ups, 40 push ups and 60 air squats in 7 minutes.  It was broken up into 4 rounds, but those are the totals.  Going forward I’m not sure if Laurie will keep me on my own routine for a little while or just work me in with everyone else and scale it back for me, but since the exercise has begun I’m kind of excited about it.  I’m sure I’ll be back in good form by summer’s end and competing with everyone else.

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5 Responses to Back in the saddle. . .

  1. Bill says:

    That’s awesome you’re back working out! The fact that you were able to do 20 pull ups, even broken into sets, is amazing!

    I did have a good laugh picturing you standing in front of a mirror trying to pull the tube out. I bet that was really a sight to see.

  2. Laurie says:

    I had to lie him down, straddle over him and yank! 🙂 That was a sight! He was about to say “stop!” when it popped right out! ha ha!

  3. Crossfit Comedian says:

    That’s funny….usually when you lie him down, straddle over him and yank – he never says stop! Glad to see you back Farmboy!

  4. Kelli Ardd says:

    Lsurie has always been great at removing items when the doctors are too busy to help! HA! HA! Remember Laurie! This is good news. We ae loving the hairy stomach and can’t wait to see you all! Much love and Godsped!

    Bobby and Kelli Ardd and Gunthar!!!!

  5. laurie says:

    Ha ha Kelli!! Yes, I remember! 🙂

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