The Verdict is in. . .

The doc finally called, Doug has what is called mild uptake in the back of the throat on the right side.  This means that there is something causing the uptake whether it is tumor or inflammation or radiation changes, unfortunately they can not tell us which it is.  The doctor thinks that it is due to radiation changes since the uptake measurement is considered “low” and therefore feels that the scan is “basically” normal.  They want to rescan him in 3 months to be sure that the uptake they see now is gone.  In the mean time he is going to go back to see the ENT specialist who is most likely going to put a camera up his nose and down his throat and get a close look at things.  This is really cool since Doug and I will be able to see the changes that have happened back there since he started treatment.  The doctor took photos of the original tumor when he biopsied and diagnosed him back in November.  I imagine he could re biopsy any “suspicious” areas if he happens to see any.  They are going to set him up to have his feeding tube and port removed next week which is great!!  He has not really used his food tube in a couple of weeks, he is completely off the Duragesic pain patches and doesn’t need the port since he is not on chemo/hydration anymore.

So while it is not bad news, it is not really what we were hoping to hear.  Not really sure about having a cancer free party now, we may wait until the next scan.  Or we could have a “basically” normal party! ha ha!!

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  1. dana says:

    If you have a “basically normal” party, who can come? I haven’t met everyone you know, of course, but……some of us may not qualify!

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