Two years down

I went in today for the all day event which is a PET/CT and waiting on the results.  This time it finally came back with the all clear (NED).  Since all the others have needed some sort of follow up inspection it was nice to not need that in this case.

The doctor tells me that I’m in the 90% range now that I’m clean for 2 years and I won’t have another scan for 1 year.  If/when I make it through that scan with flying colors I’ll basically be in the 100% range.  Fingers crossed and prayers rising.

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  1. Margaret says:


    I have read your journey and it is truly amazing… I am reaching out to you because my Dad started treatment today for the same cancer. First round of up front chemo followed by another. Then he starts 7 weeks of radiation and chemo (like you). Tomorrow I am going to be printing out your blog for him so he can have some idea of what is ahead…

    I too am a fellow Crossfitter… Now my workouts mean a little bit more to me because I feel like I am working out for my Dad too to help to give him strength. My Dad just turned 64, and has an amazing spirit and attitude about this whole journey. If you have any words of wisdom for him please email me at My Dad, Lou, isn’t one to ask for help, but I know he has a tough road ahead… and any words on inspiration would help.

    Thank you and Good Luck to you!

  2. doug says:

    Margaret, thank you and I pray that Lou has the same end result that I have. I’m still a few months from the statistical finish line, but I’m already passed the point of thinking about it on a regular basis, which is the goal.

    Lou will get his inspiration from those close to him as he will have to lean on them a lot and he’ll need to learn to ask for help (I am like Lou in that regard). There is no way to sugar coat it, the road ahead is a rough one, but hopefully it will only be a few months of misery. There will likely be some ongoing side effects of the treatment too, but the side effects come on slowly and ultimately aren’t that difficult to live with long term. After the treatment things will improve steadily until eventually it is just a memory.

    In the toughest times the key is to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and soak up the love of those around you. The treatment will end.

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