New results are in…

Well, the second scan has been done and the results are in. As usual there was something “suspicious” on the scan but a physical inspection by my ENT revealed nothing to worry about. They claim that it could be interference from my dental work. I guess I would have brushed and flossed better as a teenager if had known it was going to throw off the results of my PET scans later in life. 😉

The next scan is set for early March which will be the more significant milestone since it marks one year since treatment was completed. Based on the statistics I’ve read that 80% of recurrences happen in the first year I think I’ll be able to relax a little bit at that point.

My weight it up to 195lbs. I’m doing well in most of the workouts that Laurie designs and I’m eating considerably well. There are still only 2 side effects that I’m dealing with and that is the neuropathy and the dry mouth. I’ve been attending the once a month SPOHNC support group meetings and learning some things while also trying to help out others in my position.

On a different note my Oncologist is retiring this month. I would like to thank him for his key role in participating to extend my life. Thanks Dr Moore and enjoy your retirement.

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