Off to Work Today!

Things are slowly turning around for Doug! 🙂  He has good and bad days, but the good days are now out numbering the bad days.  The last doctor visit was last Thursday and he started that day with a vomiting spell and felt bad most of the day.  We waited an hour and a half before seeing the doctor, which did not help his mood.  His weight dropped to 167# when they weighed him, which is 13# down from the last visit 2 weeks prior.  They believe he has a thrush infection in his throat, which may be contributing to the vomiting.  His thick stuff in the back of his throat is something you cannot digest.  The doctor said it is like having a hair ball, you cannot digest it, so you have to cough it up.  He starts coughing and cannot stop, which leads to the vomiting.  However, since last Thursday, he has not vomited, has increased his eating and his mood is getting better.  He is on a schedule of eating something (anything) every 2 hours and we are hoping this will put some pounds on him.  He still has pain in his mouth, but it is tolerable and he is able to eat real food now in between his canned food.  He still gets easily fatigued, and is still healing, but it does appear that things are getting better!!

Today, Doug got up, ate some donuts, packed a can of food and headed off to work!  He was in a good mood, and was feeling good today!  He is going to try to work half days “at work” and do the second half of his work at home.  Each day he getting closer to getting back to normal.  His hair is coming back in and I am looking forward to his beard growning back! 🙂 he he!!

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5 Responses to Off to Work Today!

  1. Susan Tidwell says:

    Back to work, huh? Great! You are looking good too. Continue to eat and put those pounds back on. Remember your South Carolina family is praying for you.

  2. dana says:

    Doug….I’m so glad you’re getting back. You look great! It’ll be a great day when instead of being crossfit photographer you’re in the trenches w/ us. Man, I do not know how you’re doing it… are a real hero.

  3. Leslie Wilson says:

    It is good to hear about your improvement. Keep it up!!! You all are still in our prayers.

  4. Latricia Banks says:

    Hey guys! I am so glad to hear that you’ve gone back to work. Laurie, your mom has kept us up to date at work on what was happening and ever so often I would check in through your web page to check on y’all. Both of you are so strong and have fought hard to overcome what has been sent your way. God’s grace is always sufficient in supplying our needs. And whether the two of you realize it or not you’ve been such a blessing and an inspiration to so many people. I am still having people that I go to church with asking how the Farmers are doing if I don’t give a report every week or two. Just keep focusing on each day and know that you still have alot of people praying for you.

  5. Susan Tidwell says:

    How are you doing? Haven’t heard in a while and I’m hoping no news is good news.

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